I embrace the ever constant state of growth in life and my career. When I do your hair, I want to honor the evolution of your lifestyle, desires, and aesthetic. How is your hair currently? What excites you right now?  These are just a couple questions that I ask with every consultation.


Just like no two people are alike, no two consultations are alike. My goal is to avoid complacency and always keep you engaged. Whether it be a simple change such as using a gloss to freshen up your tone, adding a couple of blonde tips to your ends, or a complete makeover: I got you!


If you are someone that requires frequent and efficient maintenance, I will make sure you will receive a quality service that can fit into your busy schedule.


What do I like to do when I’m not doing hair? I enjoy playing tennis with my husband. I enjoy watching most sports. I like to collect and read nonfiction books ranging from ancient civilizations, art, history, biographies, and wellness. I am a self proclaimed “Jane of all trades”.

Advanced Education

*please note: Anastasia only provides massage services for guests over 18 years of age