10 Reasons Why To Not Wash Your Hair Daily

BE FREE Of daily hair washes

You may have seen a trend lately that everyone is talking about – not washing your hair every day. Especially shampooing. It’s a popular topic that has stuck. But why? What are the benefits? What are the reasons behind this trend? This topic comes up just in time for Earth Month as we find ways to help preserve this planet we live on and in this case, save water! With that being said, let’s break down this topic and chat about the top 10 reasons why you should shift your shampoo habits.

Shampooing everyday strips away your hair's natural oils - sebum. These oils are meant to travel down your hair shaft and naturally moisturize your hair. For instance, think about when you wash your hands over and over to clean and ward off germs. The more we wash, the dryer our hands get. The same happens to our hair, which can lead to a handful of problems down the line. 


Dry hair leads to brittle hair which then leads to hair that breaks. If your goal is to have shiny, long, healthy hair, then this is something you definitely want to watch out for.  


When shampooing every day, it can actually make your hair greasier, faster. Your scalp is trying to catch up with all the frequent washing so it is completely starting over with producing oils. This causes an endless cycle. You wash your hair the day after you washed it because it got greasy, well then it gets greasy the next day after so you wash again, and so on. If you are in this cycle, have no fear, you can get out, but, it will take some time. Start spacing out your washes to every other day so your hair stops over producing oils and soon you will be able to increase the days between your washes.

Product Recommendation: Aveda has come out with an amazing product, Scalp Solutions Refreshing Protective Mist. On day one, you spray this product on your scalp, and it helps control sebum and scalp odor for 48 hours. Game changer! Also, using a dry shampoo will help you on day two to absorb your excess oil or after a workout. It does take a while for your scalp to regulate, but these products will help as you transition from your everyday wash to every other to then every three days (Our dry shampoo favorite: Aveda Shampowder Dry Shampoo). 


Do you color your hair? Every time you are washing your hair, the cuticle of the hair slightly opens and releases small amounts of color. The more you wash, the more the color will come out and fade off. To keep that color in and help it stay vibrant and shiny, you need to wash less. 


Save time! By cutting out washing your hair in the shower you save precious time you could be using on so many other important things like beauty rest, time to journal or meditate. But of course, you should still take a body shower! Just tie your hair up in a high bun or our favorite, a cute shower cap works great.  


We promise you, by cutting out washing your hair as often you will use less heat on your hair. You now don’t need to be putting a dryer to your wet hair every day. And, if you do use a curling iron or flat iron to touch up your look on day 2 or 3, make sure you are using a heat protectant. Product Recommendation: Aveda has many fabulous heat protectants for all hair types. One that we love for dry hair is the Aveda Heat Relief. This is a heat protectant and conditioning mist in one. Spray the light mist on your dry hair and then use your hot tool to freshen up your look. 


Dirty hair can style better and look better! If you have silky straight hair that never wants to hold a curl or lays flat, those natural oils on day 2 will be your friend. Natural sebum gives your hair a shine and healthy glow as well as helps your hair be more willing to cooperate. 


Save your money! Good quality shampoo and conditioner aren’t free, so by not using them every day you will help stretch out the amount of time you have them for and save money. 


Fellow textured hair friends…please don’t wash your hair every day. We understand that day one can be your best style because everything is looking fresh, big and bouncy, but your curls will thank you for not stripping them of all that moisture. Instead, hop in the shower and use your conditioner as a shampoo. Scrub your scalp with your conditioner and pretend it is a shampoo. If you have fine to medium density hair, try a Co-Wash. Product Recommendation: Aveda’s Be Curly Co-Wash is a cleansing conditioner that will not strip your oils but also not weight your hair down. 


Not only will you save your time and money by washing your hair less but think about the water you could save too. Did you know that on average we use 25 gallons of water per shower. And if we shortened our showers by five minutes, we could save over 10 gallons of water a day! Shorter showers can also save up to 350 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year and help cut down on your energy bills. 

We hope you are convinced that everyday shampooing is a thing of the past and not only will your hair benefit immensely from making this shift but also the planet. It’s small steps we can take like this to change our habits and help more than just ourselves in the process by doing so.  


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