5 Best Summer Hairstyles To Try

Summer is heating up and our events calendar is quickly filling up. We know how important picking out the perfect outfit is, and nothing compliments a look quite like a head-turning hairstyle to tie it all together. If you find yourself reaching for an old favorite (like a high ponytail or a messy bun), this is the perfect summer to spice up your look with an elevated style. 

Our beauty team pulled 5 easy and stylish summer hairstyles that can work for every hair length and texture for every event. 

Festival Hair

Festival hair is always the buzz of the summer. Whether you’re actually planning on attending a festival or not, we’ll take any excuse to wear it! We are loving these 90s inspired pigtail braids because they are oh-so simple, but provide a fun twist for short or long hair. They are a fun way to upgrade your typical pigtail or braid.

You can style this braid in many ways. Here are the simple steps to achieve 90s pigtail braids:

      1. Brush your hair. Start off with Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush rid of any tangles and smooth the hair. To keep flyaways in control, use a pump or two of Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother for lightweight conditioning. 
      2. Section your hair. Section your hair where you would like one of the braids to be. 
      3. Tie the ponytail (optional). If you would like a higher ponytail braid near the middle to back of your head we suggest first tying a ponytail with an elastic. Section your hair at the hairline and using a clear mini elastic band, tie that section into a tight little ponytail.
      4. Braid. Whether you decided to tie a ponytail first or not, start braiding your section! 
      5. Tie. Once you’ve reached the end of your braid tie it off with an elastic.
      6. Set with hairspray. Using Air Control Light Hold Hairspray, lightly spray down any flyaways and enjoy your night out at the concert!

Beach hair

On a hot sunny day, the beach is the perfect place to be. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing afternoon in the sand with your favorite book, swimming with you best friends, or playing a high energy game of volleyball, keeping your hair out of your face (and still looking fabulous!) is always the goal. 

Double Dutch Braids do just that. Look like a hairstyling pro with this secretly simple style:

      1. Brush your hair. Start off with Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush rid of any tangles and smooth the hair. To keep flyaways in control, use a pump or two of Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother for lightweight conditioning. 
      2. Section your hair. Begin by parting your hair at the center.
      3. Begin the braid. Take a section of hair from the left side of your head and divide into three smaller pieces to begin the Dutch Braid. Cross the right strand through the middle, then the left strand through the middle. Then, cross the right strand under the middle and pick up a new small section of hair to cross under the middle. Continue the Dutch Braid by adding hair to both sides of the braid, working towards the back of the head. 
      4. Tie the braid. Once you reach the back of the head, secure your braid with an elastic band. 
      5. Repeat. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side of your head to create the second Dutch Braid.
      6. Set with hairspray. Using Air Control Light Hold Hairspray, lightly spray down any flyaways and frizz. And to protect your hair from sun exposure and dryness while at the beach, mist your final style with Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

Wedding Guest

Summer is wedding season, and it may be your busiest one yet! This year, we are loving simple, effortless tendril updos. The look is beautiful for weddings and the warm season, especially if the wedding you’re attending is outside in the hot sun. 

For this style, we suggest second day hair to help hold the updo and create an effortless yet refined look. If you are in need of a dry shampoo to help with excess grease, turn to the Aveda Shampowder Dry Shampoo. Set your style with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray to keep it in place all night long. 

      1. Brush your hair. Start off with Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush to get rid of any tangles and smooth the hair. 
      2. Create the updo. Slowly gather your hair into a high updo. Use a large elastic band to secure your bun. Leave out any fringe or curtain bangs from your style to frame your face. 
      3. Adjust the bun. Using your thumb and index finger, puff tiny pieces of hair from your bun out to create a more volume, effortless bun. Use bobby pins to help secure the bun for a full night on the dance floor. 
      4. Style bangs and set it with hairspray. If needed, style your face framing pieces with a curling iron or flat iron. Complete your style with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.

Glam Night Out

Summer is the perfect time to hit the town with your girlfriends! Great company, yummy food, fun music, and a lot of laughter — could there be anything better? Getting out of the house for a glamorous night with the girls is always so special, and we have the best easy ponytail hairstyle for you to try. 

Here are the steps for an effortless and trendy style: the 70s Supersized Blowout:

      1. Wash & Spritz. To get a voluminous look, wash your hair with Aveda Pure Abundance shampoo and conditioner, and then mist hair with a blowdry spray such as Aveda Speed Of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray to protect from thermal heat styling and shorten dry time. 
      2. Round Brush. Section off your hair and use a large round brush in tandem with your blow dryer to create the blown out look. Spin the brush at the ends of each hair section to get the whispy flicks. 
      3. Curtain Bang Flip. This 70s style is complete with a round, curtain bang “flip”. You can get this look by using your round brush on your curtain bangs, or, save time by popping in a velcro roller around your curtain bands. Warm them up with your blowdryer and let them sit while you apply your makeup. Ready to leave? Pull out the roller and you’ll have the perfect curtain band “flip” for your night out.
      4. Set it with hairspray. Complete look with Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray to ensure your bouncy blowout lasts all night. 

At the Office

Now with all of this summer fun, we can’t forget about our careers. Having a trendy hairstyle can always enhance your confidence, even if it’s just a Wednesday morning at the office. The sleek low bun style takes very little time to achieve, but looks stunning and sophisticated on anyone. 

      1. Brush hair. To get the best sleek look, start off by brushing your hair with Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush.
      2. Part your hair. Depending on your final desired look, part your hair down the middle or side, whichever you prefer.
      3. Smooth & bun. Pull your hair into a low pony and start smoothing you hair down with your brush to obtain a sleek look. Once all your hair is brushed smoothly, wrap your pony tail section into a low bun and secure with a thick elastic band. 
      4. Gel it down. Smooth out any flyaways or bumps in your hair with the Brilliant Retexturing Gel and use a toothbrush or tail comb to achieve a long-lasting finish. Use Air Control Light Hold Hairspray to help hold the shape for your full work day. Add bobby pins around your bun if you need extra security. + add a pair of stylish earrings to complete your look.

Let us know which hairstyle you are most excited to try in the comments below, and show us your looks by using #NeroliSalonSpa on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok! Reserve your favorite salon and spa services online, through the Neroli App or call us today at 414.227.2888.

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