Bold, Gender-Neutral Hair Trends

Androgynous Beauty is here to Stay

This industry is so much more than cutting and coloring hair, it is about caring for everyone who sits in your chair and helping design a look that makes guests feel over the moon about what they see in the mirror. And “everyone” includes diverse types of people. Individuals outside the gender binary, such as myself, want to have hair that can express every aspect of their existence on a day-to-day basis. Having the ability to style and shift how their hair is designed gives these individuals the most comfort in their queer expression.
Everyone wants a style or color that makes them feel the most like themselves and it is a hair designer’s privilege to make that happen.”- @rich_designs_byrichie_

Androgynous styles can mean different things to different people. This is achieved through flexibility between lengths and layers to let the guest convey many presentations. Some days one might feel more refined and want a softer or delicate look and another day want an edgy or messy “punk” option.

Recent trending gender neutral cuts have included mullets, mixies, wolf cuts and bixie cuts. All these styles can have a range of lengths on every part of the head, short or longer fringe, more or less length in the back and shaved or lived-in sides, as well as a variety of styling options.

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Short Wolf
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Understanding how to create countless looks from just one haircut empowers stylists to meet each guest’s unique needs. I have personally gone through a journey of styles and cuts to make my outside appearance match how I feel on the inside. For those who are non-binary, gender-fluid, and/or gender non-conforming, haircuts are a vital part of this process.

This experience includes knowing how to talk about which cut is going to suit an individual. While one guest might not find offense in using traditional “feminine” or “masculine” descriptors, I find using non-gendered terminology such as blunt, soft, round, textured, edgy, lived-in etc forces me to think more creatively and deliberately about the look I’m trying to help the guest achieve. This not only acknowledges and respects a broad range of expression but allows me to articulate my vision with more specificity.

At Neroli, no longer will guests be forced to select between a woman’s or men’s cut. Instead, guests will select a “cut and finish” service if they have longer hair that does not require a clipper. This includes a haircut with a blow-dry, and time may be added for those with exceptionally long or thick hair. Anyone with shorter hair that will require a clipper cut will select a “barbering and finish” service. This includes two shampoos and a blow dry.

Blog Author: Richie

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