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2021 is in full swing, and this wedding season is anticipated to be the busiest in decades. With the craziness of 2020, it was a difficult year for engaged couples and wedding professionals alike.  The Knot held a study that revealed nearly half of the couples anticipated to wed in 2020 would now be celebrating in 2021 and beyond. So, with a year that is projected to be bustling beyond many of us could imagine, let’s take a look at some of this years beauty trends and answer some of the most asked questions about planning for your big day!


2021 Trends

According to Bazaar Magazine, this year’s bridal styles will focus on fashion, showing personal style and versatility. We are going to see more Gatsby-esgue styles with pearls and crystals, bold yet playful prints, simple fabrics with impeccable cuts and shapes, cool tones, intense lace, and some beautiful new takes on boho with bishop sleeves and empire waists.  It will definitely be a wide range of varying textures, artistic elements, and exquisite fabrics.

The dresses will be elegantly dramatic, so what does that mean for the hair? When the dress has so many elements working beautifully together, it is best to keep the hair simpler. This, however, does not mean plain or boring by any means. We are anticipating the return of the finger-wave curls, lose volume chignons, French twists, and other classic elegant styles.  These elements will add, and not take away from the very fashion forward gowns. This is something all of us hair designers here at Neroli are excited about!

So now that we have a better idea of what to expect for 2021 Bridal trends, let’s get into the hardest part of the whole thing: the planning. We are going to talk about how to decide if your hair should be up or down, when to plan your trial, and when to do haircut or a color service before the big day.

When Should You Plan Your Trail?

It’s important to have the date of the wedding and the venue confirmed before planning your trial. This is so we know the weather to plan for, whether it be on a beach in the middle of summer, or in a ballroom in the dead of winter.  You should also have selected your dress and have an idea of the accessories you want — from the veil or a tiara, to your earrings and necklace. Once all of that is in place, we recommend scheduling the trail for about a month or two before the big day.  This allows for any changes to be made and your hair will be similar to how it will be for the day of the wedding.

Downtown Hair Designers, Grace & Jenna prepare their brides

How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Cut Your Hair?

It is undesirable to cut your hair right before the wedding if your hair designer did not advise you to. Freshly cut hair is more difficult to style. For this reason, we recommend typically two to three weeks for your haircut before the big day to ensure your hair has time to adjust and look natural.

If you are planning on a major cut before the wedding, discuss it six months prior to the wedding so there is ample time for the cuts to be made and to see how the hair responds.

How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Color Your Hair?

Similar to the haircut, if you plan to make any big changes in color we recommend discussing them with your hair designer six months prior to the wedding. This will give us time to plan the transition and the best way to execute your desired look. Your final coloring should be done about two weeks before the wedding, giving your hair time to rest, but still being fresh for the big day.

The days closer to your wedding tend to get very busy, so it is sometimes easier to plan out your look ahead of time. We are always here to help!



Are you looking for extra volume or length with you bridal style? Extensions are a great way to give your hair an extra boost! If you wear them currently or simply wish to add hair for you wedding, talk to your hair designer about it. Depending on your desired look, we can recommend the best way to achieve it. Whether it is tape-in extensions, hand tied extensions, or clip-ins for the day of, we will help you decide what will be best for you and your hair on the big day.

The Day of the Wedding

When it’s your big day, you want to have everything planned so it can run as smoothly as possible. The sooner you make arrangements, the easier it will be on you. As a hair designer, my job is to make you feel absolutely beautiful and to help you relax before your crazy day ahead! All of us here at Neroli strive to make your wedding day one to remember from the very start. So if you’re ready to begin planning your day, give our guest services a call for more information. We can’t wait to be a part of your special day!


Blog written by Downtown Hair Designer, Grace. Visit our website to view our Bridal Services menu, as well as begin your conversation with our Bridal Concierge. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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