Enhancing Brown Eyes: Soft Autumn Warm Palettes

Enhancing Brown Eyes: Soft Autumn Warm Palettes

Most of us would agree that Soft Autumn Warm Elemental Coloring is difficult to enhance. Like all autumn color palettes, these complexions evoke earthy and dusty nature-inspired tones. A Soft Autumn Warm is a gentle earth tone, more delicate and muted than the rich vibrancy of True Autumns. Soft Autumn Warm is so very close to being neutral without actually being neutral. Neutral palettes contain both yellow and blue undertones whereas Soft Autumn Warm contains more yellow undertones. Issues often lie in finding the most complementing eye shadow look for a Soft Autumn Warm individual. You know, that look that just makes your eyes sparkle.

Achieving this coveted state of perfection, i.e. beauty nirvana, can be very challenging. No two pairs of eyes, nor brows, are the exact same and it is imperative to be aware of the underlying pigmentation in your skin to avoid disharmony in too harsh a palette. Neutral shadows are best in true and soft shades. Remember to include accent colors in your palette. Greens will enhance the green flecks in many Soft Autumn hazel-brown eyes. Blues will bring out rich, chocolatey tones in your iris.

To Achieve A Soft Bronze Glow:

1. Create a fresh complexion with Aveda’s Mineral Tinted Moisture, Concealer where needed and Mineral Pressed Powder to set it all in place. For my look, I used: 02 Beechwood, followed by Inner Light 04 Honey and Inner Light translucent pressed powder.

2. Brush Petal Essence Moon Eye Color upward on the eyes, fading into brows.

3. Brush Petal Essence Azalea onto outer corners of eyes.

4. Brush Bronze Glow face accent along your tear line underneath your lower lashes.

5. Brush Bronze Glow along cheek bones. Brush a small amount of Peach Lights face accent on the apple of your cheek.

6. Curl lashes and finish with Black Forest Mosscara.

7. Apply Loomi lip liner to lips and diffuse towards edges.

8. Apply Bronzed Pecan Pure Nourish-Mint lipstick to center of lips and diffuse towards edges

The result:

Blog written by Brookfield Esthetician, Maddy. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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