NYFW: 3 Workwear Outfits for Fall Seen in NYC

We have all experienced the haunting question–” what should I wear to work today?” Factors such as weather, location, work schedule, and comfort all play a key role in your decisions. Some days we want to dress up and add a little extra jazz to our outfits, other days we want to just roll out of bed and wear the closest and most comfortable thing in our closet. Workwear is always the topic of discussion in fashion. We spend much of our time at work, so it is only fitting that we invest in comfortable and chic looks.


If New York Fashion Week has taught us anything, it is that you can be comfortable and trendy. The number of lax outfits we saw on the runways and throughout the streets of New York City was shockingly high. However, they did not look sloppy or out of place. Many outfits were of workwear pieces that were simple, statement pieces that embraced the simplistic, natural look. Suddenly, “What should I wear to work today?” does not seem like such a daunting question—now that you can have the best of both worlds.

At Neroli Salon and Spa, we are so happy to be able to bring you the latest workwear looks coming straight from the everyday looks happening in the streets of New York. We are excited to see these looks come to life with your personal touch here in the Midwest.

Outfit #1: Dress to Impress

Dresses are such a cute look for fall and can be easily dressed up or down depending on occasion and style. We saw so many cute Midi dress looks throughout New York that we just had to share some of our inspiration with you.

Midi Length Knit Dress

A simple midi length staple dress is the perfect foundation for a comfortable fall outfit. The fall color palettes for these dresses include tan, white, cream, brown, and black. Regardless if you choose to build up or keep it simple, they are without a doubt multi-occasional dresses.

White Booties

We are used to stable tan or black bootie, but white boots—in all lengths—are everywhere in New York. Building on your midi length dress, you could either wear a knee-high boot or a shorter bootie length. Since booties are more commonly seen with these types of looks, we decided to incorporate into this look. However, you will be on style and trend with either!

Vegan Leather Trench Coat

Fall is perfect weather for layering. Adding a sweater or jacket to your outfit can enhance any look. Especially with a longer dress, a trench coat offers an extra boost of style and trendiness by layering monochrome colors or adding a pop of color.


If you are looking to add a little extra pop of interest to your looks, there is always room for accessories. For those with a curvier shape or looking to emphasize their waist, belting your dress will further accentuate your waist and highlight your natural figure more noticeably. Jewelry has been very minimalistic recently; however, we did notice a lot of thick chunky hoop earrings paired with small dainty necklaces.

Outfit #2: Keep it Cool

Trousers are a great way to stay comfortable while staying on trend. Regardless if you choose an oversized look or a more fitted pair, trousers provide a great starting point to creating a look that can be styled up or dressed down.

The first outfit provided a great neutral look that is classic and compatible with every style and color. We did notice a lot of neutrals on the runway; however, green was by far the trendiest color for fall—it was everywhere. We decided to put together an outfit using more color, but feel free to style it using your own preferences!

Wide Leg Trousers

Trousers were everywhere in New York City; it was like the ‘90s all over again! We noticed that these outfits were a mix of dressed up and down, so the pant is extremely versatile. Regardless if you want to wear this to work with a more polished look, date night, or running errands—it is sure to give you a look every time.

Ribbed Bodysuit/Blouse

When paired with an oversized trouser, bodysuits or tightfitting blouses really add a boost to the outfit. In addition to providing you with some shape, it is also a key basic that your wardrobe will benefit from. Basics are key in your wardrobe because they can be paired with just about everything and offer a neutral look which can be styled easily.

Leather Jacket

 It would not be fall without a leather jacket. We noticed a lot more colored leather in our time in New York—ranging from browns, tans, and burgundies. Especially when layering over a pale color, a neutral leather jacket can really emphasize your outfit.

Croc Booties

Textured leather booties are back on trend. Using a faux crocodile pattern, they offer the perfect amount of interest to any look. Commonly seen in burgundy and brown, booties are the ultimate statement shoe for fall.

Outfit #3: Casual Fridays

We all love a simple, yet classy look. You can never go wrong with a simple jean look to keep yourself comfy and casual. We saw a lot of ‘90s retro looks on the streets of New York that were a range of stylish and trendy, to dressed up and work ready. Regardless of how you choose to build up this outfit, it can be compatible with nearly any occasion.

‘90s Jeans

We cannot have a ‘90s look without the ‘90s jeans. This jean style is the perfect blend of fitted and oversized. It is not as baggy as the normal “mom jean” or “boyfriend jean” however it is not as fitted as a skinny jean or jegging. It is a perfect piece of retro that provides some extremely classy and stylish looks.

Button Down

Typically, we are used to our button downs being tucked, polished, and neat looking—not in New York City. The emphasis of oversized and baggy was everywhere on the runways and the streets of New York. However, the “sloppy” look did not look sloppy at all. There were some unique ways of styling that we noticed that can easily be incorporated into your looks.

The first look is to just keep your oversized button down completely untucked and flowing. You could use your button down like a jacket and wear a tank top or bodysuit underneath.

For a more work appropriate look, button your button down to your liking and tuck in only one side. It may seem silly, but it is does provide a polished look while emphasizing your body’s natural curves without the “boxy” appearance.


Adding a pair of loafers to your look can instantly take it from casual to classy. We were noticing loafers everywhere. Not only are they comfortable, but they are a timeless shoe option that can be worn with multiple different outfits. Everyone should have at least one pair in their shoe closet for a simple and elevated look.


At Neroli Salon and Spa we are devoted to keeping you updated on all the trends involving hair, makeup, skincare, and fashion. We want to make sure that you have access to the latest updates coming from the largest fashion and beauty industry leaders in the world. At New York Fashion Week, we were able to bring home the latest fashion knowledge home with us so that you can be just as fall ready as we are.

We look forward to seeing you in your latest fall outfits at your next service! For more updates about New York Fashion Week, visit us online or follow us on Instagram @NeroliSalonSpa.


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