Interested in joining us on our next New York visit? In between runways, backstage events, and interviews, we—at Neroli Salon and Spa— spent time walking the streets of New York exploring the various trends seen outside of Fashion Week. During our exploration, we came across some great places that are an absolute must-see on your next New York visit. Regardless of if you are taking a family vacation, girls’ or guys’ trip, or a weekend getaway with your significant other—we found the hottest spots for you!

New York is filled with amazing tourist attractions hidden all around the city. With so many options, it can seem challenging to figure out where to start—it was for us! Some places you can google, others are found by walking around, but especially for those who have never been to New York—it can be hard to know what to look for.

No need to worry! We have compiled a short list that includes shopping, hotels, tourist attractions, and dining for you to consider before your next trip to New York City. Experience some of the best city highlights New York has to offer. We promise you will not be bored.

Central Park

Surely, we all saw this one coming, but it is well worth the visit! Located right in the middle of all the action, Central Park is full of many hidden gems inside its beautiful scenery. As you walk through you will experience musicians and artists everywhere. You will get to enjoy live music, sculptures, live paintings, and other various forms of entertainment. Depending on the time of year, Central Park also offers seasonal attractions such as the cherry blossom trees, strawberry fields and more.

If you or your family love Ben Stiller in his movie ‘Night at the Museum,’ or have an appreciation for historical artwork, then Central Park is the perfect tourist attraction for you. Located right by the American Museum of Natural History and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Which hosts the MET Gala), Central Park hosts two of the best museums in the world for historical artifacts, artwork, and memoirs of global history.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your day at Central Park, you are sure to get some great pictures. Central Park offers beautiful natural photo ops for your Instagram feed as well as some of the best scenic views of New York which are accessible all throughout the park.

Equinox Hotel

If you are looking to get the full New York experience then look no further than the Equinox Hotel. This stunning 5-star hotel is located in Manhattan and is walking distance to Times Square and the Hudson River. Their focus is all about providing their guests with a luxury experience through offering a trendy and wellness focused environment. During your stay, you will enjoy health-conscious meals, access to wellness areas throughout the hotel, and some of the best views of New York City. Their in-house restaurant meals include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for clients with dietary preferences or restrictions.

The Equinox Hotel, is also affiliated with the Equinox Fitness Club which is known for their high-standard of wellness living. With in-class programs and digital opportunities, they provide their club members with a great mind and body experience through their weight-training, yoga, Pilates, and personal training programs. If you are interested in some reliable and trendy gym fashion, they also provide a great gym and spa wardrobe at their Equinox Shop.

Nail Design Bar Hotspots

New York is full of hustle and bustle, but spoiling yourself is always a must. Whether you choose to get your hair done, have a spa day, or seeking a new nail look—New York is always trending with their styles and treatments. Many celebrities get their nails done by New York nail designers because of their skill and ability to stay ahead of the trends.

Chillhouse Soho Flagship Nail Bar

Paint-Box located in the upper east side of New York, offers an exclusive approach to their nail designs and styles. They consider themselves to have a more classy and chic look by using combining earthly elements with unique color schemes. They have already started their spring trends in their nail bar which includes an emphasis on neutrals with a pop of bright neon colors. Their nail designs are simplistic with a classic, yet trendy look that is acceptable for all occasions.

Chillhouse Soho Flagship Nail Bar is located in Hudson Square New York, near the Equinox Hotel. This nail bar is more trend focused and offers a creative edge to the classic manicure look. Much of their 2021 color scheme is surrounded by neutrals (as seen on the runway) with deeper hues such as gold, navy, green, purple, and burgundy. Add some interest to your natural manicure set using abstract lines, floral designs, and contrast colors for an edgy look.f

Drinks & Dining

There are many hidden gems throughout New York when it comes to restaurants and lounges. With options including trendy, classy, old-fashioned, and clublike—there are locations to match everyone’s style. We visited some breathtaking spots during our time in New York that deserves a special shoutout.

Catch NYC
Restoration Hardware Rooftop

CATCH NYC located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, offers some of the finest sushi around. Not only is it a super trendy rooftop restaurant and lounge, but it is known for having frequent celebrity sightings. With over 100,000 social media followers, eating at this restaurant will require a reservation in advance. If this is something you are interested in exploring, I would recommend scheduling your reservation around the same time as you book your New York trip. If you are looking to enjoy some drinks at the bar, there is available seating for first come first serve. Enjoy a night of delicious food, great service, and a trendy environment during your next New York vacation.

Another restaurant and lounge combination is the Buddakan which is also located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Known for their luxury Asian cuisine, this location offers an excellent selection of various fine Asian meals and cocktails. The Buddakan is a two-story building that usually gets relatively busy during the late evening. Even though it offers more of a trendy, club-like feel—it is still perfect for date-night. We had their General Tsao Dumplings—and let me tell you, they were to die for!

A hidden gem also located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District is the Restoration Hardware Rooftop Restaurant. Restoration Hardware is known nationwide for their beautiful displays of furniture, artwork, and home décor–however their rooftop restaurant is exclusive to their Manhattan location. The design of their restaurant is everything you could expect and more. Their exquisite attention to detail, skyline views, beautiful displays, great service, and gourmet food comes highly recommended and takes the New York luxury experience to a whole new level.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Did you really visit New York if you did not shop? As one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York is always ahead of the trends and latest styles. Designers from all over come to New York to highlight their latest fashion designs to the world, and if you are there—you get the exclusive access! At Saks Fifth Avenue you have the ability to get all of the latest fashion pieces from designers all over the world in one place.

Horace Saks and Bernard Gimble opened the Saks retail locations in the early 1900s with a vision to connect the luxurious world of fashion to the public. Since opening they have expanded throughout the United States in providing luxury items to the American market. Walking in their flagship location in Midtown Manhattan was an absolute dream. They redefine luxury in so many ways and the latest pieces were absolutely to die for. Follow our latest Saks Fifth Avenue shopping journey as we find the trendiest coats for fall!

New York provides many unique and fun experiences. We have been so excited to share with you the best parts of New York City during Fashion Week. As always, at Neroli Salon and Spa, we want to provide you with exclusive access to the best services, looks, and experiences out there. Travel season is coming up soon, and we want to make sure you are ready for it!

Make sure you are New York ready by visiting us for a pre-flight facial, hair service, massage, or nail design. We will see you soon!

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