NYFW: Top Fall Jacket Must-Haves

Neroli Salon and Spa has officially landed at New York Fashion Week and we could not be more excited! During our time so far, we have experienced some amazing trends including fashion, hair, nails, and accessories—which has us all feeling confident for fall.  

Fall would not be fall without layers. You can really take your look from bland to GLAM using a simple statement piece such as a shoe, accessory, or a jacket. In New York City, jackets are everywhere! We are noticing a range of styles coming together to include staple pieces we all know and love. Regardless of if your style is–streetwear, vintage, artsy, boho, classic chic, workwear, or casual—New York City has outfits for you.

Must-Have Staple Jackets

We all know the effect that shoes and jewelry have on our outfits, but jackets truly do not get the respect they deserve. Yesterday, we took a well-deserved shopping trip in downtown New York City to get a first-hand look of all the latest buzz around statement jackets. During our time shopping, we stopped at Saks Fifth Avenue which gave us all the inspiration we need! Between Saks, the runway, and everyday fashion, we were able to see many distinct colors, textures, and looks. The overall theme was no doubt all about the jackets.

Queen of Quilts

We are absolutely obsessed with the quilted jackets. Not only do they come in many different lengths, patterns, and sizes (oversized, fitted, tailored) –they can go with almost every fashion style out there. The quilted jackets in New York are bold, colorful, and loud. They take the word statement to a whole new level. It has been rumored that the ‘70’s were coming back—we are here to confirm it.

Many of the quilted jackets we saw were bright neon or pastel colored. Usually styled with a basic pair of trousers and a fitted plain blouse. The focus of the outfit is on the jacket. With a mix of playful pinks, sage and army greens, mustard yellows, florals, and creams, they are buildable and matchable to your wardrobe.

We have seen trousers and sneakers, dresses and sandals, and suits and heels—which all incorporates the quilted staple jacket. Using your creative eye, you can easily develop a quilted look that blends right into your style.

Veronica Beard offers this beautiful mid-length quilted coat as a signature piece to this boho styled model. This designer highlighted multiple fall trends by using a distinct army green color, puffer-like style, and a general oversized fit. If you are looking for a more sinched or fitted look, consider belting at the waist to accentuate your figure.

Detailed Denim

Fall would not be fall without a denim jacket. Denim jackets are still very much trending, and show no signs of slowing down. Much of the denim jackets seen on the runway and on the streets of New York are cropped or waist length. While there are longer versions, they did not receive as much attention.

Color schemes are surrounded around your typical denim wash with the primary look including a medium-washed blend. However, neutrals are very much present this fall. Which offers a super cute and unique twist to your typical denim look!

The L’AGENCE Slim Fit Raw Hem Denim Jacket located at Saks Fifth Avenue is the perfect example of a beautiful beige accent color. Neutrals work great because they offer a very chic and classic look while being compatible with nearly every color. With having a such a short length, you can use a variety of colors and styles to really amplify your looks.

This fall we are seeing a lot of neutrals paired with black or over a very vibrant statement color such as a green or pink. Pairing a neutral on top of such a vibrant base really accentuates the look altogether and gives you a very fashionable and trendy look.

Textured Teddy

Fall and winter in Wisconsin is no joke. The weather can get brutal, so staying cozy warm is a non-negotiable. Even though it is still in the upper ‘80’s here in New York City, people are still getting ready for the anticipated chilly weather. We were finding Teddy Coats everywhere and they are most definitely living up to their Teddy Bear name.

The Proenza Schouler White Label Teddy Bear Short Peacoat is the perfect blend of practical and stylish. Teddy coats are trending in all lengths and colors, and can easily be styled no matter the outfit. Peacoats are a great statement piece for a casual look such as jeans and blouse which can be dressed up or down depending on your shoe choice. It is also the perfect fall layer for a mid-length dress with knee-high boots.

For those looking for a longer coat option, the A.L.C. Stanford Teddy Coat is the perfect length for an oversized look. Many Teddy coats we have seen have been more neutral based with mixtures of brown, honey, tan, and beige hues. This offers the perfect pop of color for an all-black outfit, as well as a soft enough appearance if you want to pair with other trending colors. Longer coats are a great statement piece for suits, jeans, skirts, leggings, and trousers. Everyone should have at least one oversized, long coat in their closet!

Regardless of the length, you are sure to stand out and stay cozy at the same time with the teddy coat. Saks Fifth Ave offers many different varieties of the teddy coat and they are everywhere in New York City both on and off the runway. Turn a casual outfit classy or a classy outfit casual with this completely versatile look.

Pop of Puffer

The puffer coats are still on trend, and New York City did not disappoint with their looks. Even though they may not be very work chic, they do offer a great boost to your casual wear. Whether you are out running errands or getting a glass of wine with your girlfriends, the puffer coat is a great way to enhance your style while staying comfortable.

Proenza Schouler offers another great look with their Faux Leather Puffer Coat. With the length and quilted design of this piece, it is sure to enhance any outfit. Most puffer coats seen in New York so far have been neutral such as black, grey, or white. However, there has been a noticeable appearance of gorgeous pale pinks, greens, and browns as well. Muted colors such as pink and brown offer a great pop of color to your outfit while still being in season. It is the perfect way to stay on trend while having pieces for future trends as well.

Saks Fifth Avenue does an excellent job at incorporating statement pieces of all kinds into various looks based on individual needs. As a part of their SaksFirst program, they provide personalized services to ensure you are ready for every season, including a personal stylist to cater a specific trending wardrobe based on your individual style.

At Neroli Salon and Spa, we are devoted to keep you up-to-date with the latest styles and looks both in and out of the salon. We are excited to see your New York inspired looks here in Milwaukee! Stay tuned for more fashion week updates and follow us live at #NeroliSalonSpa. We will see you there!

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