#Quarantine 5 Minute Hair & Makeup Look

#Quarantine 5 Minute Hair & Makeup Look

I’ve found that with now staying at home, having somewhat of a routine has been pretty helpful. This has been my super quick and easy go to look for everyday. It’s perfect for my virtual team meetings, grocery runs or just to help me feel a little more human!

To start off I apply my Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. This is the perfect time to try out this product if you’re not already, and the best part is we carry it at Neroli! When applied once a day, it helps enhance the look of your lashes and keeps them growing strong. Next I follow up with filling in my brows with a fine pencil, a few coats of mascara and a little gloss.

For the next step, and to make my life easier, I start out by french braiding my hair the night before right out of the shower. This way my hair starts out with a little “natural wave,” so when I go into curl I only need to refine a few pieces.

As shown in the video, I mist my hair with Aveda’s Heat Relief. This thermal protector and conditioning mist is perfect to use right before I go in with my iron. I comb out the braids, and split my hair into two sections. When working on the bottom section, I start by taking hair from the back of my head and work toward the front. I start my iron close to my root and work my way down the strand  bending the hair back and forth to create a wave pattern. The tighter you bend the iron, the curlier you’re hair will become. If you want something looser, bend the hair less! Take the top section down and repeat.

To finish my hair off, I spray a little more Heat Relief into my hands and catch any flyaways that are left.

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