Trim Your Man’s Hair

Trim Your Man’s Hair

Does your man need a trim in between hair appointments?

I hear it all the time. “Men have it so easy, they don’t have to style their hair. They can just shower and get dressed and they’re ready to go for the day!” And sure, there are definitely men out there that do have it that easy.

However, mens grooming needs are sometimes more than we may think. On average, men get their haircut about once a month. They may even go to their salon or barbershop in between cuts for a shave and clean up, especially if they are trying to maintain a professional image. As mens neck hair starts growing in, that professional, clean image, can slip away.

Doing a neck or around the ear trim at home can be intimidating, but it is so much easier than you may think. It’s a great way to extend a mens haircut a bit longer without having to make that extra trip to for a cut. A one time purchase of a pair of trimmers will so quickly pay for itself. Chances are you may already have them at home for other personal grooming needs.

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Step 1: Outline

One of the first steps in cleaning up the neckline is going to be creating an outline of the shape.

The best way to do this will be holding the trimmers upside down, with the blade completely flat on the back of the neck. Do not drag the trimmers side to side, pick them up for each section you are cutting.

You may drag the trimmers downward to get rid of excess hair, or flip them right-side-up and follow the hair up to the outline you created. As you work toward the ears, keep the trimmers flat.

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As you get around the ears, you may notice that you can no longer hold the trimmers flat without cutting into the hairline. Don’t do this, you could take a chunk out above the ear, creating a bald spot.

The way the hair grows may also change a bit here. This is where I personally like to take a comb and comb the hair down. This allows me to see which hairs are the longest. Then I move them in a way that will be easier to cut.

Damp or wet hair will be easiest. Fold the ear down, so it’s not in the way, and use the edge of the trimmers to clean up around the ear. Go slow, this is the easiest area to make a mistake. 

trim 1

Step 3: Sideburns Trim

The area in the front will be very similar to behind the ears.

Instead of folding the ear down when you trim, it may be easier to give it a slight tug backward so you can cut the hair at the top of the ear and make sure you aren’t taking off too much or going too high.

Always make sure you can see where you are cutting, so you may need to adjust your hand positioning.

If your man is more comfortable, he may also choose to do the front or sideburns as this is something they typically can do with their facial grooming routine.

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Blog written by North Shore Hair Designer, Jenny. Want to stock up on your products? Call 414.227.2888 to place your curbside pickup order or stop in to shop at a Neroli location. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.

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