3 Ways To Enhance Your Wellness Routine

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Wellness Routine

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โ€œIn the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.โ€ Deepak Chopra

As many of us prepare for time alone and stepping back from the usual hustle and bustle of life, we have a unique opportunity to truly embrace the calm and stillness in the midst of chaos, like the quote above. 

Here are a few ways that we are spending our solo time to help build a foundation of wellness into our daily routine. Bonus: you can even include your partner, roommate or kids, too!

A habit takes 21 days to develop, so utilizing these weeks to start a new daily routine will give you a kick-start. 

1. Morning Meditation

How you start your morning is critical to the flow and productivity of the rest of the day. Taking a few moments to set your intentions will help you feel a sense of peace and positivity and give boost your mood (especially if you’re spending most days by yourself).

Here are some our favorite resources for mediations.

2. LGT: Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric Elixer

Another essential piece to bettering your health is drinking lemon, ginger and turmeric tea each morning. This is a tasty way to naturally detox your body, aid in digestion and use antioxidant-rich ingredients like lemons and cinnamon. 

Here is one of our favorite recipes from Nourish, Move, Love. The recipes makes a large batch so you can prep it early in the week and make squeezing in a cup of this tonic quick and easy!

3. Move Your Body

Like to crush your workout with a cycle class, pilates or crossfit? Here are some great ways to bring the gym into your living room. Use this opportunity to switch up your usual high energy workout for a slower, grounding regimen instead.

These are a few easy ways to show yourself some love and kindness. Starting is the hardest part of developing a new habit, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with a simple to follow wellness routine is a great way to care for your physical and mental health.

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