HOW-TO: Feng Shui For Your Home

If you weren’t already a homebody before 2020 — you certainly may be now! With many jobs remaining remote, or just the uncertainty of spending too much time with the public, many of us feel trapped or anxious inside of our four walls. With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to open those windows and bring some great Feng Shui into your home to help bring peace and balance into your space. 


“Feng Shui” is something we’re sure you’ve heard in some sort of context before, but it may not mean exactly what you think. Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy and practice of finding harmony between ourselves, our living spaces and nature. The words “feng” and “shui” translate to “wind” and “water.” Ancient Chinese farmers used this practice to be in tune with the soil and to position themselves to bring prolific crops and wealth. It promotes the idea that human life is connected and flows with the environment around it. The basic principles of Feng Shui have now become popular do’s and don’ts in the interior design world. I’ve even heard people consider it “acupuncture for the home” because it harmonizes, balances and allows energy to flow freely. 


increase your home’s feng shui 


Organize & Declutter

There are three places in your home that should ALWAYS remain free of clutter to harmonize your home. 

        • Your entryway
        • Your kitchen and dining table
      • Your bedroom 


Your entryway is a prime dumping ground for shoes, backpacks and coats, while the kitchen table is often home to bills and paperwork, and the bedroom may have laundry pilled up or empty glasses of water on the nightstand. Although these are part of your day-to-day life, these messy items can block energy glow and harbor negative energy. 


Fresh Air

Your home’s windows are key to a positive home. Wash your windows, open them up and allow as much natural light and fresh air into your home as possible. You’ll love it, your kids will love it, and your indoor plants crave it! Natural light brings in warmth and positivity. If your home has just a few windows, consider adding mirrors to your wall décor directly across from your windows to help reflect and bounce the light around your home. 


Focus on the floors

This step can be tricky especially with little ones, but keeping your floors tidy are vital to proper Feng Shui. For proper energy flow, there should be nothing on the floor besides furniture & rugs — that way, energy won’t be blocked. Make sure to shake out or vacuum your rugs often. If you have littles who love playing on the floor, it is a best practice to tidy up their toys and remove them from the floor by the end of the day.

What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom

Silly headline, but you get the idea. The bathroom is a high traffic spot in the home, and it is best to keep the toilet seat cover closed after use as well as keep the door shut when not in use. That way, your bathroom will not disrupt the peace in other areas of your home. Also, I highly recommend cleaning your mirrors often (who wants to see those toothpaste splashes anyway?!). 


Your bedroom is your sanctuary 

We’ve all heard it a million times — keep electronics out of the bedroom. Not only will this provide a more restful sleep, but it will help bring positive energy into your bedroom. Swap your phone for a battery operated alarm clock, but if you need your phone in your room, keep it in a spot away from your head. 

Where your bed is positioned can also make-or-break your energy flow. Position your bed on the opposite wall of your room’s entryway, but not in direct line with the door. Avoid positing your bed under windows, in the center of the room, or with the side against the wall. This may take a little rearranging, but could make for a very fun Sunday self-care day! While your reorganizing, make sure to clean the space under the bed and do so often.


neroli-fengshui-blogEnjoy greenery 

Indoor plants have definitely been having their moment in the spotlight lately and for good reason! There are numerous benefits of caring for living plants, and bringing them into your home brings great energy to your space. Begin by adding a plant or two to your family gathering space, then add more throughout your home. As if we need an excuse to buy another plant, right? I also love keeping fresh flowers in the center of my dining table as well. Adding these natural elements are an instant mood boost. 


Don’t forget about food

Food harbors a lot of energy in the home, so it’s vital to keep track of what you have. Discard old or expired food in your pantry and refrigerator often. Food waste happens, but it’s great to turn that waste into something great. Composting is a great way to bring vitality back into your home or yard.



We often cleanse our bodies, whether it be a cleanse in the shower or an internal cleanse with juices & more — so why wouldn’t we cleanse our homes, too? Use sage, incense and/or essential oils throughout your space to help dissipate any negative energy and bring balance. Even walking throughout your home saying positive intentions or affirmations can do wonders for your surroundings. 


Beginning your journey with Feng Shui with these few tweaks can make a world of difference within yourself and your indoor spaces. This transition should feel peaceful and positive, but if it’s feeling overwhelming — begin with just one at a time. After you’ve mastered these steps, I encourage you to diving in a little deeper and exploring Feng Shui paint colors, lighting and other elements to make your space even more zen and inviting. 

Blog written by Mequon & North Shore Massage Therapist, Sophia. Schedule your reservation on the Neroli apponline reservations or call 414.227.2888.