HOW-TO: Rose Quartz & Gua Sha Stone

Want to keep your post-facial glow as long as possible? These tools will help your skin look radiant every morning with a few easy steps. Take a peek below at our step-by-step guide on how to use every skin care guru’s current must-have tools: rose quartz roller & gua sha stone.



What They Are

Introduction To Rose Quartz & Gua Sha


Before we jump in too fast, let’s talk about what these two are and a few of they key benefits. Once you hear how amazing they are, we know they’ll make their way into your beauty cabinet forever (…or should we say, your freezer)!

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits
  • Smooth and glasslike
  • Stays cooler on the skin longer than jade roller
  • Improves smoothness, skin tone, circulation and eliminates toxins
  • Reduces inflammation of the under eye
  • Brings oxygen to skin and reduces tension for a more youthful glow

Gua Sha Stone Benefits
  • Enhances skin tone and texture, reduces the signs of aging
  • Makes the face look more contoured
  • Carries away toxins and congestion
  • Aids in circulation and tones muscles
  • Reduces stress, promotes deep relaxation
  • Feels amazing — similar to a gentle massage

How To Use Them

3 Steps To Glowing Skin


Now that you’ve know the many ways these two tools can improve your skin, let’s dive into how to put it into action. Like everything in life, it is important to use your rose quartz roller and/or gua sha stone on a consistent basis. The more often you are investing the time into your skin, the better it will look for years to come. Check out our video at the end of the blog to see these steps put into action.

Rose Quartz Roller
  • Use gentle sweeping motions
  • Direct strokes away from face or upwards
  • Pressure should feel firm, but easy to roll on your face
Gua Sha Stone
  • Use a firm, but gentle “scraping” motion
  • Direct strokes away from face or upwards
  • Pressure should feel like a gentle massage, rather than digging

Pro tip: Leave them in the freezer to enhance the benefits of reducing puffiness and redness — be sure to make sure it’s a clean, safe spot to store them in!


Step 1 | Prep: Add a serum to the skin before using, a couple great ones to use are the vitamin c serum, firm serum to tighten, bright serum to add radiance or calm serum to reduce redness. You can also roll over the Intense Hydrating Masque to target dryness, especially in the winter.

Step 2 | Roll or Scrape: Use the large side of the roller or flat side of the stone.Β Start around your cheek and move down towards your jaw and neck and finish on your forehead and upper check bones.Β Switch to the small side of the roller or the curved “V” side of the stone. Gently massage your under eye, lid and brow bone.

Step 3 | Finish:Β Once you are done with your tools, your skin should feel soft and the serum should be blended in. Complete your skin glow-up with an SPF like Daily Light Guard or a moisturizer like Tulasara Morning Renew Creme.

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