Spa At Home: Aveda Singular Notes

Spa At Home: Aveda Singular Notes

Have you ever found yourself drowning in stress from a busy schedule, but when you seek tips for relieving it everything suggested takes even more time that you just do not have? Self-care doesn’t need to be stressful. Adding Aveda Essential Oils to the simple things you’re already doing every day can make a huge difference. 

Add a few drops of Aveda Eucalyptus Essential Oil to your warm shower.
You’ve probably heard of adding essential oils to your bath or maybe even hanging eucalyptus leaves near your shower head, but how often does anyone have time to take a bath or buy new Eucalyptus leaves? You can get the same incredible benefits of awakening your senses, clearing your mind and de-stressing with just a few drops every morning. 

Before getting out of the shower and starting your day, massage a few drops of Aveda Peppermint Essential Oil on your temples, back of neck, and anywhere else you hold tension.
Peppermint layers well with Eucalyptus and will help bring clarity and mental focus to your day. It is also a great energy booster and helps to loosen sore muscles. It’s a quick step to your day that will make all the difference!  

Sprinkle about 10 drops of Aveda Lavender Essential Oil onto a small towel and toss it in the dryer with your sheets and towels.
Imagine stepping out of that relaxing and energizing eucalyptus and peppermint shower to a clean towel that wraps you in the subtle scent of lavender. You’re already doing laundry and this quick step can have you reaping the benefits until that next load piles up. 

Create your own signature aroma by layering several Aveda Essential Oils and rubbing on inside of wrists and decollate area.
Aveda Essential Oils are 100% naturally derived and safe to use on your skin due to their coconut oil base.  Many layer well together so you can easily change your daily scent to best suit you. Tangerine, Patchouli and Vanilla pair well together for a calm, refreshing, sweet scent. Or for a citrusy floral try pairing Lavender with Bergamot.  

Soak a washcloth in cold water and add a few drops of Aveda Bergamot Essential Oil and place over eyes at the end of the day.
A cold compress reduces headaches and Bergamot is known for soothing anxiety and easing over-thinking. The perfect way to give yourself a moment of wellness before you drift off to sleep after your busy day.


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