Spiritual Practices for Mental Health

Spiritual Practices for Mental Health

Spiritual Practices for Mental Health

Needless to say, we are living in a very turbulent era. It’s not always easy to take time to care for our mental health as our daily lives have changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the days go on, the unknown qualities of the pandemic may be alleviated. But in the meantime, we need spiritual practices to deal with the associated stress, accept what we cannot change, and build up our resilience. Here are a few practices for you to try. 

Embrace Your Fear 

Fear has value in healing through emotions. A fear about catching the coronavirus may be accompanied by other fears β€” of death, losing a loved one, isolation, financial problems, and more. I encourage you to address all your fears and work to transform them. Ask yourself: “What am I afraid of?” Start out with only one fear. It is said that where you find your greatest fears, you’ll find buried treasure deep below within yourself. 

Accept Uncertainty 

In regards to the coronavirus, there is a lot of uncertainty. When we sit in meditation, there may be various conditions of mind appearing, seeing and knowing all manner of things, experiencing different states. Don’t keep track of them, and don’t get wrapped up in them. You only need to remind yourself that they’re uncertain. 

Nourish Positive Emotions  

This is one of the best ways to disarm fear and uncertainty. Use your breath as the gateway to calm, joy, and other positive feelings. 

Take A Respite From Negativity 

It is important to stay informed about the pandemic, but constantly reading or watching the news may water the seeds of worry and negatively affect you. Take a break from the news. Try your best to shut out the outside world, and concentrate on your own world instead.  

Receive What Comes 

Understand that our worries and dreams are derived from our thoughts about tomorrow and tomorrow, after all, does not yet exist. Try to resist this natural tendency to turn our attention to the future. Sit quietly, you may want to open your hands, turning the palms upward, remaining in silence. The open palms indicate your acceptance. Whatever will come, you will receive it. Whatever happens tomorrow will be dealt with tomorrow.

Recite A Mantra Or Prayer

While washing your hands for 20 seconds recite a mantra or short prayer like this: 

“May all beings be safe. 

May all beings be content. 

May all beings be healthy. 

May all beings live with ease.” 

Practice Hope 

Nobody knows how many people will become sick during the Covid-19 pandemic, how many will be affected, and how long it will last. So, it only makes sense to get some hope practices in place that will serve you for the long run. Remind yourself that this era will end and look forward to a better, brighter tomorrow.



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