Zen Habits To Practice During Your Crazy Day

We get it — you have a lot going on. Between balancing work, supporting a family, school, and trying to squeeze in one-on-one time with your main squeeze (and maybe even one episode of Bachelor In Paradise *cheers!*), we applaud you. This never-ending hectic schedule may cause you to not have as much TLC as often as you would like. We here at Neroli Salon and Spa want to provide you with as many tips as possible to bring some continued wellness home with you.


We have all experienced the feeling of going a million miles per hour between meetings, appointments, plans, emails, phone-calls — sheesh! We’re stressed even just thinking about it.

The idea of being a “busy body” has been rooted into our nature from an early age. The idea that if you are not doing something every moment, then you are unproductive is further from the truth. It is actually the complete opposite. The moments you spend doing nothing but sitting with yourself can bring out the best ideas, most productive work, and a fresh mind to the many different projects you are involved in.

Where Should We Start?

Similar to skin care and hair care, no two habits are the same. Everyone’s needs and availability are unique, but there is always something that we can individually work on. As our teachers, parents, guardians, and coaches have all said to us at some point, “There is always room for improvement.”

Improvement (in this case) does not mean that you are doing anything wrong, it means redirecting your focus so you have more time to yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup; you cannot be there for others if you are burnt out or struggling yourself.

Dedicate 10 Minutes for yourself every morning

Ideally, this time should be devoted to meditation, as it is the best way to set the pace for your day and get in touch with yourself. However; even just a moment of wellness by sitting with yourself, enjoying a quiet breakfast, catching up on a chapter in your favorite book; whatever brings your bliss, you should take this time to devote to. This time should be uninterrupted. It should be daily and dedicated specifically to you. And if you can devote more time than just 10 minutes, take as long as you’d like.

Practice Daily Gratitude

Although many of us may mindlessly thank the stranger who opens a door for us, or your coworker for the quick, “bless you!” after you sneeze, intentionally practicing daily gratitude can easy be overlooked. When you take a moment to recognize the good you experienced throughout the day, oftentimes there is a recognizable shift in mood & behavior. You may find yourself doing nice things for others more often, or making sure you show intentional gratitude. As a society, we all can improve on incorporating thankfulness and positivity into each other’s lives. We’ll go first — thank you for taking a moment for yourself and reading our blog!

Think about the moments when:
  • Someone helped you at work
  • You came home to the dishes done
  • A complete stranger paid for your order in the drive-thru
  • Your friend sent you thoughtful words of encouragement before a big meeting


These are all little bits of appreciation and love that are being shown to you that can easily be looked over. Between balancing the hustle and bustle of the day, we tend to forget the small things unintentionally. 

Gratitude can look like positive thoughts throughout the day, too. Commonly known as affirmations — you begin to remind yourself of how beautiful your life is and the blessings around you. These thoughts should be said to yourself as frequent as possible for daily reminders.

Positive affirmations to recite:
  • I am so thankful for all the love in my life – given and received.
  • I am grateful for the blessings in my life, both big and small.
  • I appreciate my strength and resilience. I know I can survive and thrive.
  • I am thankful for my unique creativity and my ability to enrich other people’s lives.
  • I see and appreciate the light in everyone, including myself.
Learn To Declutter

I know you have a certain spot somewhere in your house that is the protector of all the miscellaneous junk compiled from your home. Whether it is a chair, drawer, closet, room, or box. We all have that area where we set our things down to “deal with later” but then two weeks later it has not magically disappeared yet.

No matter where you call home, the space should be considered your haven, your peace, and your creativity all in one. We allow our day to get the best of us sometimes to the point where we bring our day home with us…creating tension, stress, clutter, and a giant mess.

Your priority should be on preserving your space first. A great way to do that is through practicing Feng Shui in your home using minimalistic and balance focused measures. It can be hard to create space when you have so much stuff. We all have things in our closet that we have not worn in years, house décor that is collecting dust in storage, and do not even get us started on those random miscellaneous items that we “might use sometime in the future” so we hold on to it for forever. These extra items are only taking up space and cluttering not only your home but your mind and space.

It is time to officially part ways with it.

Clear up your time, clear up your space, and turn your home back into the sanctuary that it is.

Treat Yourself

Get back into pampering yourself — and believe that you truly deserve it. You work hard at what you do, but after work, it’s time to stop thinking about your job. Life should be about little moments of joy, sharing an experience, being spoiled, trying something new. At Neroli, we are constantly learning about new places and festivities happening daily in our area. There is so much out there to experience without even needing to leave your city or state.

If you are looking for adventures, then plan one! Life is short, and days fly by especially with a busy schedule. It is time to enjoy your life and the things that bring you the most passion.

Our mission is around “Renewing Spirits and Awakening Minds” and that starts with you. We want to awaken a sense of peace and love inside each of our guests, readers, friends & family. Allowing yourself to be completely relaxed and detached from the physical world will help you in so many ways.

We are open 7-days a week to ensure that you have every opportunity to stop in and treat yourself to a Shirodhara massage, a Tulasara Facial and Peel, or a completely new-and-improved all over color while receiving a manicure. Here, you are our only priority.

We exist specifically for you and your needs. Your new, transformed habits start today and we are ready to supply you with all the tools and support needed to start your new journey.

Blog written by Blog Writer, Hannah. To book an appointment, you can reserve directly through our website, your Neroli app, or call us at 414.227.2888.

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