Our Preferred Guest Program is ideal for guests that come in regularly for services, or those who have busy schedules.

How It Works

Our preferred guest concierge will pre-book all of your future appointments by making a standing reservation.

You Are Our priority

You no longer have to worry about forgetting to make your next reservation, or not getting the time that works best for you.



These are the top 5 services that work well for our preferred program standing reservations.

  • 50 Minute Facial
  • 50 Minute Massage
  • HydraFacial
  • Hair Color & Cut
  • Elemental Manicure or Pedicures


Let your employees unwind at work. Invite Neroli Salon & Spa professionals to visit your place of business! For starting at $120 per hour, our highly-skilled team offers on-site hair, makeup, nail, massage, and facial services, and will leave your employees feeling relaxed, pampered, and confident.

As a regular Neroli guest for 12+ years, I absolutely love the preferred guests/standing appointments program. For me it has been a life-saver! It allows me to ensure that I have the appointments I need at the times that work best for me and when my busy work/travel schedules require that I change an appointment, my guest services concierge works with me and my service providers to reschedule quickly and easily. I love knowing that all of my appointments are schedule throughout the next year.

Ann, Neroli Downtown Guest

I can be a procrastinator and would often find my stylist booked out if I didn’t reschedule soon after an appointment. Having my appointments scheduled out over several months takes the worry out of not being able to see my stylist when I want to or need to. I don’t have to wait on the phone or at the salon to have several different dates and locations checked while we compare calendars. I’ll receive an email with my dates and times usually the same or next day. If there is any conflict with her schedule or mine for a future appointment, the Neroli team is very proactive in reaching out with alternative dates and taking care of rescheduling any appointments that need updating. They can also take care of finding team members available to accommodate my last minute requests and may offer multiple times, dates, and location options. I’ve called or emailed for myself and family members for last-minute hair, nails, and massage appointments several times throughout the year.

Marianne, Neroli Downtown & East Side Guest

I love Neroli’s “preferred guest program”. I can book all of my appointments for the entire year, and never have to worry about them again. If I have to change something, it’s as easy as an email to find another convenient time. It is a game-changer for me to book what I want when I want it. Plus it’s super easy.

Jan, Brookfield Guest

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