My goal is to always enhance someone’s day. You never know what people are going through, especially in this season and we may be the first or only people they come in contact with. Touch is the most important sense, so being able to connect with someone and give them that comfort is really rewarding for me.


I have found my passion for nail art. I love helping a guest express their vision through their nails. Whether that is a color, a mood, a design, or just a night buff to shine finish on their nails. it is an art to be able to shape, and design your nails however you want, and change them in two weeks!


When I’m not in the nail suite, you can find me with my friends and family, usually outside.


“Don’t analyze everything, just do it.” -Alex Karev

Advanced Education

*please note: Anastasia only provides massage services for guests over 18 years of age